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Successful Kick-Off (virtual) meeting

The CSR-Ready consortium has concluded its first Transnational Partner Meeting that has taken place virtually on Friday 02.10.2020. The meeting counted with the presence of several representatives from each partner organization, and served to set the expectations for the project and define the work plan for each of the deliverables. During the meeting, the coordinator

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Literature review

Within the CSR-Ready project, UIIN has conducted a comprehensive literature review over businesses Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. First, the literature review started with the identification of perceived benefits and barriers for businesses in the CSR application. Most relevantly, in terms of benefits, the literature often identifies cost and risk reduction, competitive advantage, legitimacy

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Walking the walk…. A small organisation’s experience of CSR

EUEI offices are located in a modern new build with the highest levels of insulation and efficient heating, powered by on-site solar energy panels. Resource use is kept to an absolute minimum with no photocopier, use of recycled printer and toner for printing and a limit of 1 ream of paper per month strongly encourages

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Newsletter: Analysis of CSR among SMEs at the international level

The analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among SMEs at international level is the starting point of the CSR-READY project. This exercise will provide information on the benefits derived from CSR for the activity of SMEs and their environment, the challenges faced by SMEs that implement CSR, whether SMEs that specifically apply CSR tools have

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An opportunity to promote corporate social responsibility among SMES

Companies are key players in economic and social terms, a role and responsibility of which they are increasingly aware. The selection by consumers of certain products or services and not others, the choice of one company and not another, that workers perform their tasks effectively, that people want to be part of the company, that

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