EUEI offices are located in a modern new build with the highest levels of insulation and efficient heating, powered by on-site solar energy panels. Resource use is kept to an absolute minimum with no photocopier, use of recycled printer and toner for printing and a limit of 1 ream of paper per month strongly encourages judicious printing and maximises paper reuse.

For local and international travel, use of public transport is prioritised. We endeavour to miminise international travel as part of our project delivery and are trialling a unique “one meeting” project approach, which if successful will be rolled out on a widescale basis.

We are working towards being carbon neutral in our website servers. Our main data centre is in London and they are not Carbon Neutral but they do have a strong environmental policy as a stock market listed company. They have hot/cold aisles in the data centre so hot air from the servers is recycled to heat offices in winter and help extract hot air to save on cooling in summer. Servers in our fleet are all less than 2 years old so have power supplies that are intelligent and ramp up power when needed and ramp down to minimum when not needed.

Our 3 month roadmap for our new local data centre has us installing solar panels on the roof so we can have 6 months of day running from the panels (late spring, all summer and early Autumn) and we enhancing our UPS batteries to charge from the excess power from the cells to give overnight runtime from stored solar energy.

We have not and will not buy, trade or accept Bitcoin until such times as its exorbitant energy consumption is curtailed.

As an organisation, we calculate our carbon footprint using Leading Online Carbon Calculation Tools to measure our Greenhouse Gas emissions and are implementing a variety of measures to offset this at 110% by investing in high quality international carbon reduction projects including:

  • Tree Planting reducing deforestation in Brazil and an
  • Efficient household cookstove project in Kenya