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CSR and ESG Impacts Succession Processes

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Hello all,

we are working in the field of business succession and notice that sustainability, social topics and governance increasingly have a significant influence on succession processes. Potential successors have already abandoned processes several times because they have concerns about sustainability. There are also statistics for M&A processes that prove this trend.

Entrepreneurs are often not prepared for these issues. The assessment tool can be a good approach to do a quick check and ensure transparency.

If there are other best practice approaches or tools available that you know of, I would be happy to hear from you.

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Fiinovation Okhla is a global CSR consulting company that provides business strategy, healthcare, and education consulting services. The company has been recognized for its CSR and sustainability initiatives and has received the Fiinovation CSR Leadership Award at the World CSR Congress. Fiinovation has a friendly work culture and offers good salaries, especially for the social development sector.

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